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"COMiKON Academy is thrilled to offer an exciting opportunity for art and manga enthusiasts worldwide! In collaboration with Japan's renowned art school, Machida Design College (MDC), we bring you a professional Manga Character Design Course. Join us in this unique experience and learn to create your own manga characters."


"The Manga Character Design Course is open to participants from Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia. It takes place every Saturday, conducted live and online via Zoom. The course duration is a total of 9 months, divided into 3-month modules. At the end of each module, participants receive a certificate from MDC. Those who complete the full 9-month program will receive a special certificate indicating their successful completion of the Manga Character Design Course."

1 When does the course start?

It starts on November 11th!
The course is scheduled from 10:30 to 12:30 GMT, accommodating participants from around the world with a convenient time frame

2 How many people are in the online classes?"

"Our online classes offer an interactive and personalized learning experience with a class size ranging from 15 to 20 students. Additionally, we provide real-time translation support from Japanese to English, ensuring that everyone benefits fully from the education."

3 How can I register?

You can register by making a payment on our website (soon) with a credit card."
After making a payment with your credit card, you will receive a link to set your password at the email address you provided. Your username is in the format of your first name and last name.

4 On which days and at what times do the lessons take place?

  • Sessions are held for 2 hours/week. 
  • Each 3-month period is a module consisting of 24hours. Three Modules are designed to concentrate on a specific topic : 1) Hero, 2) Anti-hero, 3) Story.
  • A "Certificate of Completion " will be issued by Machida Design College for each participant upon completion of each module.
  • Participants completing all three modules (72hrs) will be awarded with a certificate of "Manga Character Designer" by MDC.
  • Acceptance into the Professional Manga Workshop is based on portfolio selection.
  • The number of participants in our workshops is limited.

You can attend live classes from your home via online streaming.

It starts on November 11th
Saturday GMT 10:30 – 12:30

ATTENTION! Read Before Applying For Registration

To enroll in the professional "Manga Character Design" course, you should have at least a basic level of proficiency in drawing. If you haven't received education in the fields of painting, design, or illustration and you are an amateur artist, you need to submit your portfolio to us. You can send your portfolio to the email address "" along with your name, age, your phone number, the country you reside in, and any additional details you want to mention.

After your portfolio has been reviewed by our educators, we will provide you with either a positive or negative response.


Here are some examples of the topics covered in the lessons content:

  • The History of Manga in Japan and Differences from European-American Comics
  • Publishing Processes and Current Status of Manga in Japan
  • Differences Between Manga and Anime
  • Techniques for Designing Character Outlines
  • Body Drawing (Male/Female)
  • Design of universe in Stories Featuring Heroes
  • Designing Anti-heroes in Conflict with the Main Character
  • Designing Supporting Characters Assisting the Hero
  • Deforming Body Parts and Methods for Determining Hairstyles
  • Establishing the Dress Style of Other Characters in Comparison to the Main Character
  • Practical Techniques for Inking
  • Using Screentones
  • Monochrome Screen Usage
  • Techniques for Depicting Light
  • Manga Production and Publishing Processes in Japan
  • Differences Between Game Characters and Manga Characters
  • Character Rules
  • Language Usage and Character-Specific Dialogues
  • The Necessity of Differences
  • Building the Personalities of Anti-heroes and Their Relationships with the Main Character
  • Plotting Events Between the Main Character and Other Characters
  • Design of universe in the Story
  • Fundamental Rules of Storytelling: Introduction-Development-Conflict-Resolution
  • Creating 4-Panel Manga (4 Koma Manga), the Foundation of Japanese Manga


Ryo Hitaka

She began her career as a mangaka in 1977 when his works were first published in Shueisha’s manga magazine “Margaret.” Since 2002, she has been working as an expert instructor in character design and storytelling at Machida Design College.



Katsumi Kurata

She began her professional mangaka career in 1985 when she started working for “Harlequin Comic” magazine. Since 2004, she has been teaching manga/comic illustration courses at Machida Design College.

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