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“COMiKON Academy is thrilled to offer an exciting opportunity for art and manga enthusiasts worldwide! In collaboration with Japan’s renowned art school, Machida Design College (MDC), we bring you a Basic Manga Course. Join us in this unique experience and learn to create your own manga.”



Learn "how to create an anime character" from professionals

"The Manga Pro and Character Design Course is open to participants from all over the world. It takes place every Saturday, conducted live and online via Zoom. The course duration is a total of 9 months, divided into 3-month modules. At the end of each module, participants receive a certificate from MDC. Those who complete the full 9-month program will receive a special certificate indicating their successful completion of the Manga Pro Course."



Manga Course

Take your first step into the world of lines!

Manga Course Pro

Improve your drawing and learn manga character design
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Ryo Hitaka

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Katsumi Kurata

Pro-Manga Courses

Rika Hasegawa

Manga Course

Fuka Nagai

Manga Course

Sachi Usami

Manga Course

Mio Tsunekawa

Manga Course


Would you like to study design with us in Japan?

Design Education in Japan.

We offer consulting services in collaboration with Machida Design College for design education in Japan. We provide comprehensive training opportunities in areas such as illustration, animation, comic books, manga, and graphic design. We're here for your design passion!

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