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Modern society continues to change in the blink of an eye. Of course, it is important to respond to this society with knowledge and technology. At Machida Design College, we have an educational policy that builds a real and warm relationship with people, even in a world where technology is advancing rapidly. Please learn and develop "real design" to realize your aspired ideals. We will continue to support you in the fields of creative design, manga, anime and illustration with a young mind that "keeps learning". - Yuto Iida (School Director of Machida Design College)

Since its establishment in 1978, Machida Design College has progressed with the growth of society with the aim of teaching the fundamentals of reliable professional skills that adapt with the times and contribute to the development of culture. As a school, we will continue to fulfill our mission. We will strive to improve the educational environment so that students can maintain a vibrant student life even in the midst of drastic changes in society.

Examples of Students Work

Machida Design College Classrooms

Machida Design College

It is a comprehensive art and design school where you can study architecture, interior design, illustration, WebCG animation, graphics and comics.
It includes vocational applied specialization courses.

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Comics - Manga
WEB-CG Animation
Graphic Design


"We train a creative and authentic creator who can succeed in the ever-evolving digital industry. Even those with no experience can firmly aim to become professionals!"

Step on the path to mangaka


Aim to become the next generation of successful comic book illustrator who can draw manga! Learn to master the art of illustration and gain the know-how to tackle any illustration job.



"You can become a successful comic book illustrator who can draw manga, including comics! By developing the ability of illustration expression to the fullest, we give you the knowledge and skills to adapt to any kind of illustration work."

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