A Word from the Founder

COMiKON Academy is the culminaton of our efforts to establish an inspiring incubation center for talented young artists who wish to create unique characters and tell unique stories by using comic/manga techniques.  Our story started in 2016 with the “Manga Academy” for teenagers between 11-17, we founded within the Japanese Art Center in Istanbul.  The high demand for the training program exceeded our expectations and encouraged us to go under the challenging task of organizing COMiKON Manga Fest the next year. Thanks to the tireless enthusiasm and the outstanding volunteer works of my young colleagues in our executive committee, we succeeded to hold our festival for 3 consecutive year with exponentially increasing number of visitors reaching 16.000 in 2019 before the Covid 19 pandemic started.  The idea of COMiKON Academy emerged with the Manga Fest events. We organized many educational activities like live-draw seminars, speeches and workshops on subjects including manga, anime, game design, illustration, and cosplay under this title. And now, I am honoured to announce that we have entered a new phase in our story…

FORUM TAURI Inc. has signed an agreement of partnership with one of the deeply rooted design schools in Japan, “Machida Design College” established in 1978. This partnership allows us to disseminate the expertise of Japanese instructors to the young talents around the world. This was made possible with the advent of live-stream technology which developed rapidly during the pandemic.

Manga Style “Character Design Course” is the first step towards a wide variety of design-related courses COMiKON Academy live-online, educational platform is planning to offer globally.

We welcome the New Age in education…

Erdal K. (PhD.)