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Manga Course Pro (Character Design)

(36 classes / 72 hours in total)  Start Date: April 7, 2024 | 10:30-12:30 GMT


Every story features a Hero or a Protagonist as its main character. Stories revolve around heroes with qualities, powers, talents or weaknesses unique to them, which define their stances when faced with the unfolding events, changing circumstances as well as difficulties hampering their procession towards their goals. Creating a unique HERO worth following, is the first step towards a full-fledged Character Design process. In this module you will learn the techniques of creating and drawing a Manga style hero.

  • Introduction to designing Manga/Anime characters in Japan
  • Design techniques for character outlines
  • Drawing human body (Male/female)
  • Drawing hands & feet
  • Poses
  • Facial expressions
  • Final Project


Antagonists as well as all Side Characters play an important role in stories. They are also called Supporting or Secondary Characters. Their interaction with the protagonist, whether it is a conflict -as in the case of an enemy – that hampers the hero to proceed towards his/her goal, or it is in the form of a support offered by a friend to overcome obstacles, helps shape the ebb and flow of stories. All side characters must be distinct in their language, style and attitude. In this module you will learn the techniques to design unique side characters. 

  • Roles of side characters
  • Design techniques for antagonist and other side characters
  • Choosing and drawing outfits
  • Practical Inking methods in manga
  • Using screentone and B&W (monochrome) screens
  • Super-deforming techniques and mini-characters (chibi)
  • “Character Design Sheet” preparation
  • Final Project


A story is the account of a connected series of events that leads to a resolution. Characters, plots, actions, and interactions all come together in a narrative. There are many ways of storytelling but it is vital to involve the readers by innovative methods, while developing a unique personal style. In this module you will learn the techniques of storytelling in manga-style.

  • Manga publication processes
  • Criteria for uniqueness of characters
  • Into the depths of character design
  • Interaction of characters by speech bubbles
  • Production of Four-frame Manga
  • Storyboard preparation
  • Final Project


  • Language of education is English (with consecutive translation from Japanese). Participants should have good command of English to follow the classes.
  • Participants are expected to be knowledgeable on basic drawing techniques. Students and graduates of art & design related fields of universities  as well as applicants from other fields, self-taught artists are also welcome. Applicants must submit a portfolio before being accepted into the program. 
  • In addition to a portfolio, applicants will be invited to particape in an online Zoom meeting as a part of acceptance process.
  • Each module is a prerequisite for the next module.
  • You will be notified about your acceptance within one week. Your enrollment process will be completed when your enrollment and tuition fee is paid within 5 days following this acceptance notification.

Students who complete the 36 classes(72-hours) will receive a certificate of completion.📜🎓

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Manga Course Pro (Character Design)

Enrollment Fee: € 250 - Tuition Fee: € 220 / Per Month (~9 Months)


Ryo Hitaka

She began her career as a mangaka in 1977 when his works were first published in Shueisha’s manga magazine “Margaret.” Since 2002, she has been working as an expert instructor in character design and storytelling at Machida Design College.



Katsumi Kurata

She began her professional mangaka career in 1985 when she started working for “Harlequin Comic” magazine. Since 2004, she has been teaching manga/comic illustration courses at Machida Design College.

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