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Unleash Your Manga Mastery with the Basic Manga Course!

Are you ready to turn your passion for manga into a masterpiece? Introducing the Basic Manga Course – your gateway to unlocking the secrets of creating captivating manga that transports readers to extraordinary worlds!

🚀 Why Choose Our Manga Course?

🎨 Master the Fundamentals

Dive into a comprehensive curriculum crafted by seasoned manga artists. Learn the fundamental techniques that underpin every great manga, from character design to dynamic panel layouts. Perfect for beginners or those looking to refine their skills.

🌐 Interactive Learning Platform

Say goodbye to passive learning! Immerse yourself in our interactive platform where you engage in live Q&A sessions, connect with fellow manga enthusiasts, and receive personalized feedback from instructors invested in your success.

🏆 Accelerated Progress

Our proven methodology fast-tracks your journey to manga mastery. Experience rapid skill development with hands-on exercises and practical lessons that bridge the gap between theory and application.



(36 classes / 72 hours in total)  Start Date: Jan. 6, 2024 | 10:30-12:30 GMT

Fundamentals of Manga Character Design

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    • Introduction to the Manga World
    • Fundamentals of Creating Japanese Character Designs
    • Drawing the Face (Male)
    • Drawing the Face (Female)
    • Drawing the Body (Male)
    • Drawing the Body (Female)
    • Perspective Figure Drawing
    • Hands and Feet
    • Facial Expressions
    • Clothing
    • Basic Poses
    • Creating a Complete Character (Male)
    • Creating a Complete  Character (Female)


  • Language of education is English (with simultaneous translation from Japanese). Participants should have good command of English to follow the classes.
  • Basic interest in manga, anime and drawing is expected from applicants to follow the program.
  • You will be notified about your acceptance within one week. Your enrollment process will be completed when your enrollment and tuition fee is paid within 5 days following this acceptance notification.


Enrollment Fee: € 200 - Tuition Fee: € 150 / Month (~9 Months)


Rika Hasegawa
Sachi Usami
Mio Tsunekawa
Fuka Nagai

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